Drainage Solutions

French Drains

A properly installed French Drain acts like a sponge, it absorbs water through the soil. FM&H has the experience needed to install your French Drains properly the first time.

Downspout Extensions

Moving the storm water that falls on your roof and gutter away from your foundation walls and outdoor spaces, protects your home and keeps your yard clean and dry.

Dry Creeks and Swales

Swales are used to move storm water over your property without installing pipes and inlets. Dry Creeks, Grass Swales and Bio-Swales, when installed properly, add beautiful form to your landscape while fixing your drainage issue.


Low spots along your foundation walls and uneven ground that holds water can eventually cause structural problems. Many times this can be addressed with a little sweat and some new soil. FM&H will provide this cost effective solution whenever possible.

Catch Basins

Catchbasins, drain inlets and buried pipes are the backbone of most drain systems. FM&H has proven experience in installing the right size components. From 12" backyard boxes and 4" pipes, to precast concrete manholes and 18" concrete pipe.

Gutter Cleaning

Keeping your roof gutters clear of leaves and other debris, should be done at least once a year. FM&H has been providing this service to our customers since the beginning.